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Automatic Vial Filling and
Stopping Machine (Line Type)
Model : YS-120F
- Consisted of type
- It does not make much noise and was designed precisely and accurately.
- It can recharge the exact amount by using the Servo controlling system.
- Changing method : charging piston rotate 90 degrees and moves up and down.
- It can br loaded with nitrogen right after being charged.
- No Vials - No Filling, No Cap - No Stopping
- Depending on how much it is being charged, the charging process can be completed at multiple steps.
- By applying the Servo Motor, it is convenient to change the amount of how much it is being charged.
- It is convenient to adjust the charging nozzle and the height of the stopping head.
- It is easy to clean and maintain.
- It is produced according to the GMP standard and to the intermational safety standard.

Model YS-120F
Capacity 100-150/mim
Vial Dimension ∮15-∮80
Vial Height 30-75mm
Filling Range, Accuracy 0.2-500ml , ±0.5%
Air Pressure 2-6kg/㎤
Elec Source 3∮x 220/380V x 50/60Hz
Dimension 150(L) x 850(W) x 1900(H)
Weight 800kg
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