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Automatic Vial Filling and
Stopping Machine ( Monobloc Type )
Model : YV-100
- Small and multi-functional equipment provided space and personnel costs economically.
- Well designed cam drive system ensures low noise and high durability.
- Filling component parts made with stainless steel #316L.
- Fixed quantily piston filling system as accurately filling.
- With no packing filling piston any contamination chance.
- Multi-step filling system is avaliable and no over flow.
- No dropping after injection by ceck valve.
- Automatic stopper/cap sorting and feeding by vibrator bowl feeder and chute.
- Simple structure and easy size change-over.
- Precisely fabricated capping head does not allow any defective sealing
- Height adjustable of capping head.
- Designed and made for Gmp regulation and international safety guide line.
- Suitable eye-drop filling.

Model YV-100
Type Rotapy Type
Capacity 30-70B.P.M
Vial Dimension DIA:∮16-∮26, H:30-120mm
Air Pressure 0.5-120ml±1%
Filling Range 7NL/MIN x 5kg/㎤
Elec Source 3∮ x 220/380V x 60Hz, 2.35kw
Dimension 1304(L) x 1204(W) x 17200(H) (발주사양에 따라 변경됨)
Weight 800kg
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